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With «///reloader» the revolution in car care has arrived. Joined promotions with Maserati Switzerland demonstrated the high quality of the product

Our Company

Our mission

We deliver Top End Car Cleaning products that make you and your car shine.

Our Products

Our products ///reloader and ///hiloader specially developed in Switzerland will make you shine instantly with a strong cleaning performance.

The unique and innovative quick sealing for all exterior paint was developed in Switzerland
This innovative product development is based on 25 years of experience
Very high product quality
Tested and used by motor sport teams


With «///reloader» the revolution in car care has arrived. The reloader is a product for all smooth surfaces, like paint, chrome, glass, rims and plastic. Can also be used on the interior, like dashboard, steering wheel etc.

The way it works: Simply spray on clean surface, distribute evenly and wipe off with a microfibre cloth. No polishing required. As a result the treated surfaces are now selaed, shiny and provide protection against dust.

High tech glossy finish developed for the car racing industry. For the ambitious driver for everyday usage. Environmental influences and sportive driving impact negatively on the condition of your car.

BLACK HORSE helps you to maintain a glossy and shiny finish of your car. Applied in a few minutes only. For the interior and exterior of your car. Tested under car racing conditions.

An exclusive and innovative product and packaging.

The innovative packaging boosts a
- micro spray head, which distributes the product evenly and economically across the surface
- integrated inner vacuum bag, preventing the liquid to come in contact with air, thus enabling the complete emptying of the bottle.
  • Bottle ///reloader with 300ml content
  • High quality micro fabric cloth included
  • Order 3 bottles and get delivery for free

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